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The Globe Standard

The Globe Standard uses large size dual diaphragm capsule VD67 and tuned for a classic, wide-spectrum microphone sound ideal for instrument or orchestral applications.

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1 590 €

The Globe microphone uses large size dual diaphragm capsule and is designed for detailed and neutral sound - with transparent highs, smooth midrange with minimal presence and close to flat low-end response. It has cardioid polar pattern.

The Globe utilize an isolated spherical head assembly constructed of brass mesh for maximum acoustical transparency. The large dual-diaphragm true electrostatic condenser capsules use the highest quality 6-micron Mylar film. The diaphragms are tensioned and adjusted on precisely-made brass backplates and sputtered with a special-formula gold mixture. This process gives a faster impulse transient response without sound coloration or low-frequency reduction and adds the ability to handle louder sound pressure levels.

The internal solid state preamplifier of the microphone is a Class 'A' fully discrete transformerless circuit, built using only the highest quality components. The circuit is designed to achieve the highest audio standards and provides a flat frequency response, high dynamics, ultra-low self-noise, and very low audio distortion of all types. "The Globe" should be used with high quality, regulated 48V phantom power. Rugged microphone construction and 2 internal shockmounts (one for the capsule and one for the electronics) effectively reduce stand rumble, outside infrasonic interference and mechanical shocks.

The Globe is based on dual diaphragm large size true electrostatic capsule. Highest quality 6-micron Mylar film active diaphragm is sputtered with our special formula of gold mixture, and tensioned on precisely made brass back-plate. It provides faster transient impulse response, minimum sound coloration, better low frequency response, and lets capsule to handle louder sound pressure levels. Each capsule is carefully checked for all parameters and measured in an anechoic chamber for optimum of performance.

Unidirectional cardioid polar pattern effectively reduces ambient studio noise, but the frontal incidence angle is optimally wide. The microphones head-grille is made as acoustic filter of multi-layer brass mesh that reduces plosive sounds, breath, pop and wind noise, minimizes internal resonance, and keeps high frequencies and sound transparency unaffected. Additional metal mesh studio pop-filter and polyurethane open cell foam wind-screen are available as options.

The internal solid state pre-amplifier is based on class-A fully discrete transformer-less electronics circuit, built using the best quality, selected components. The circuits are designed under the highest audio standards and provide linear audio frequency range, high dynamics, ultra-low self-noise, and very low audio distortion of all types.

The Globe requires quality and stable 48V phantom power. It is available from most external microphone pre-amplifier and mixing console inputs, or from separate phantom power supply. Some units, though rated as 48V sources, may supply inadequate or unstable phantom power, which can result in distortion and degraded performance. Please check your phantom power source under real microphone load.

Rugged microphone construction and two internal shock-mounts, separate for the capsule and for the electronics, effectively reduce stand rumble, outside infrasonic interference and mechanical shocks. "The Globe" is ready for operation on supplied stand adapter, but for the best isolation we recommend to mount it on optional external elastic suspension studio shock-mount.

The Globe is working with standard symmetric microphone cable, but we recommend to use our audiophile quality microphone cable with gold plated contact connectors to minimize external noise, signal loss and maximize contact quality. Microphone cables are available as option.

Under the special order "The Globe" microphones are available in matched stereo pairs to provide balanced stereo recordings.


GSM - shockmount


PF-DC-N - Dual-Cone Metal-Mesh pop filter

VPF - wind-screen


Transducer type


Operating principle

pressure gradient

Diaphragm's active diameter

25 mm

Frequency range

20 Hz to 20 kHz

Polar pattern

unidirectional - cardioid

Output impedance

50 ohms

Rated load impedance

1000 ohms

Suggested load impedance

>500 ohms

Sensitivity at 1000 Hz into 1000 ohms load

22 mV/Pa

S/N Ratio CCIR 468-3 weighted

76 dB

S/N Ratio DIN/IEC 651 A-weighted

87 dB-A

Equivalent noise level DIN/IEC A-weighted

6 dB-A

Maximum SPL for 0.5% THD at 1000 ohm load

134 dB

Dynamic range of the internal preamplifier

128 dB

Phantom powering voltage on pins #2 & #3 of XLR

+48 V (+/-4 V)

Current consumption

<2 mA

Output connector

3-pin XLR male, gold plated contacts


220 mm height, 44 mm diameter, weight 350 g


Violet Design handmade microphones have been on Pro Audio market for the past 10 years. We have extend our warranty to 10 years, because we are confident that Violet microphones are the most durable on the market.

We are also extending warranty on those microphones that were sold before 2007 (for which the 5 year warranty has already been expired)

We are constantly improving our products quality investing in our people education, researches, technologies and manufacturing tools.

In the past few years, after an extensive research and testing period, we have introduced numerous innovative technologies and designs to the microphone industry, such as the "Magic Ear" capsule, our latest capsule diaphragm technology "Golden Drops", a new design of shock mount as well as metal mesh pop-filter, and last but not least, the “Global Pre” - the most compact microphone preamplifier body for vintage bayonet heads.


It is almost impossible to picture today's pro audio and recording industry without technological innovations introduced by Violet™ microphones.

For end users, Violet's vast experience in microphone technologies coupled with graceful designs adds up to unprecedented quality. All Violet Design microphones are hand made in Latvia.

Violet Design was founded in 2003 to facilitate the manufacturing and worldwide distribution of Violet™ and Flamingo™ branded microphones.



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