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The Global Pre Bundle

The Global Pre is compact hi-end quality electrostatic microphone preamplifier body. Fully covering today's high resolution audio recording demands it was designed as an alternative to expensive historical vacuum tube microphone preamplifiers. It was designed as an alternative to expensive historical vacuum tube microphone preamplifiers and fully meets today's high resolution audio recording demands.

Comes with Cardioid, medium bright, large diaphragm capsule head V26

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975 €

The Global Pre body is fully compatible with Germany made vintage M-series interchangeable capsule heads, and B-series & VIN-series interchangeable capsule heads.

Phantom powered, linear, class-A discrete solid state transformerless preamplifier electronics provides extremely ultra-low self noise and hard to measure all kind of distortion. Symmetric output with XLR-3 type gold plated contact output connector provides balanced low impedance output and stable connection.  Polar patterns and applications fully depend on which capsule head is used.

The Global Pre body comes in a wooden box with included GSM adjustable angle compact studio shock mount.

V26 Cardioid, medium bright, large diaphragm capsule head.


GSM - shockmount


PF-DC-N - Dual-Cone Metal-Mesh pop filter

VPF vintage style metal mesh pop filter

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Violet Design handmade microphones have been on Pro Audio market for the past 10 years. We have extend our warranty to 10 years, because we are confident that Violet microphones are the most durable on the market.

We are also extending warranty on those microphones that were sold before 2007 (for which the 5 year warranty has already been expired)

We are constantly improving our products quality investing in our people education, researches, technologies and manufacturing tools.

In the past few years, after an extensive research and testing period, we have introduced numerous innovative technologies and designs to the microphone industry, such as the "Magic Ear" capsule, our latest capsule diaphragm technology "Golden Drops", a new design of shock mount as well as metal mesh pop-filter, and last but not least, the “Global Pre” - the most compact microphone preamplifier body for vintage bayonet heads.


It is almost impossible to picture today's pro audio and recording industry without technological innovations introduced by Violet™ microphones.

For end users, Violet's vast experience in microphone technologies coupled with graceful designs adds up to unprecedented quality. All Violet Design microphones are hand made in Latvia.

Violet Design was founded in 2003 to facilitate the manufacturing and worldwide distribution of Violet™ and Flamingo™ branded microphones.



Violet Design Ltd.
P.O.Box 3393, Tallinn, 10506, Estonia